Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some landscapes

A path in the heath near Addit, Jutland.

Watercolor. Paper: Arches HP 300g, 36 x 26 cm.

This paper (Arched HP) is very smooth and with a hard surface. It is very, very different from Arched CP. It is quite difficult to work on in watercolor, but it can give some interesting results, because the colors often can be pushed around on the surface before they dry. 

Pond near Moesgaard, Aarhus.

Watercolor, gouache and soft pastel. Paper: Fabriano Artistico CP 300g. 35 x 23 cm.

This started as a pure watercolor, but in several places it became too dark, so I used some white gouache mixed with watercolor to lighten. Then - the sky was very banded with edges, so I decided to put a layer of soft pastel on the sky to give it an even gradient. And the the reeds - they became too dark, and I tried rescuing with gouache, but it didn't work - and at last I tried with soft pastel. I have to practice more painting reeds - they are very difficult! But still, I like the light in this.

Kærup Holme, Northern Jutland.

Watercolor. Paper: Fabriano Artistico CP, 31 x 23 cm, 300g. 

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