Monday, July 5, 2010

Lake in Rold Skov

Mossø in Rold Skov (Rold Forest).

Pastel on art spectrum colorfix, 32 x 24 cm. This is my first painting with soft pastel. I thought they were too dusty to use, but if you're careful, it's not that bad. And the colors are really vibrant and intense.


  1. Hi Stig,
    You have a gift for painting the forest scene so much.... Also Your brushworks are brilliant!!!
    I especially like the way the wind was brought out very well...

  2. Thanks! But in this case it's not supposed to be windy! - it must be the pastels. I'm not used to using pastels (I have just got a set of 30 Rembrandt soft pastels). But the pastels are fun to use, so I hope to get better.