Sunday, March 22, 2009

First paintings in Open Acrylics

Simested River

Lake near Silkeborg
Pine Trees near Rågeleje

These are 3 of my first paintings with open acrylics. The paintings are all 30 x 24 cm on canvas. All motives are from Denmark

I used to hate the way that acrylics dry too fast! The regular acrylics have a tendency of creating hard edges, and they're very difficult to blend on the canvas. But then I recently read about the new 'Open Acrylics' from Golden. They have a much longer 'open' time before they become dry, so I decided to give it a try. I really like using them, for the first time it's possible to make good blends without hard edges with acrylics.

I have never painted very much before, just a few watercolor/acrylics on and off, with years in between, so I'm really just starting out again, but this time I hope to keep it up.

My main interest is landscapes, and maybe occasionally some still life.

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